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Meet Rochelle


           "Hi! I'm Rochelle Devenney and I'm 31 years young.

      I'm happily married to the most amazing patient man Brett Devenney, for just a short 6 years. I am a proud mother of two amazing littles, Payton (10) & Braydon (9). I am also a grateful bonus mom to four beautiful, strong and patient young women.  I grew up in Pierceton, IN and now live in the great community of North Manchester, IN.  I have worked full time since I was 16 years old for a great restaurant in Warsaw, IN. I have three sisters and a brother whom I am so proud of and incredibly lucky to have in my life and the most loving parents anyone could ask for! 

          Unfortunately, October of 2021 has changed our lives for the worst. I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) found in the left cheekbone. By November of 2021 I was having a major facial surgery at IU North Carmel, IN. Recovery was rough for everyone involved.  Two months later I was back at it working full time, being a mother, and a wife. Life didn't stop.  I did not do chemo therapy due to the lack of research on my end. I was scared and unsure if the outcome would be worth it, so young. First scan check up was clean and good so life just kept creeping up. Bills needed to be paid. Kids needed all my love and attention. From that moment I just felt very blessed and lucky to be cancer free. By the second scan check up at the end of August 2022, I received a phone call that no person wants. The cancer had come back nearly the same area they had found the first tumor. Surgery will be September 23rd 2022. I will need prayers and support to make it through round 2. Unfortunately this time may be a lot harder for myself and my Family. Chemotherapy will be right after surgery and I will need to lean on everyone to help make it through. I do not know what I would do without my amazing and wonderful family who pick up the pieces that I will not be able to do during this difficult time.


        Please just remember that your health is very important, not only for you, but everyone involved. So listen to it all and don't ignore something you think is nothing, because it more than likely could be something that can be caught in time. I also want to thank everyone that has supported me through this difficult time. Without you all, I am not sure where my family would be!"


Rochelle Devenney   9/21/22   

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